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During our visit we will undertake a comprehensive intra-oral exam of your four legged friend. In order to do this effectively and safely we normally use a mouth speculum sometimes known as “gag”. Every tooth is checked in detail and all issues are recorded and then treated where possible.

As a horse owner myself, I have a very calm and caring manner and work without sedation wherever possible, however I operate closely with several vet practices who are happy to sedate for me as I`m a fully qualified BAEDT registered member.

Depending on what we find during the initial exam we may have to remove sharp points and properly float edges of cheek teeth. Also the first cheek teeth will be rounded if required to stop the delicate inner cheeks being damaged by the bit or teeth. Any tall teeth that effect the correct motion of the mouth will need to be reduced. Waves, hooks and ramps will also need treating, and any irregular prominent transverse ridges will be carefully reduced. Any excessively tall canine teeth can also be reduced, rounded off and any build up of tartar removed. If Wolf teeth are present they are also removed.


Weekly experience training by arrangement.


Demos available to riding clubs, pony clubs.


To University, agricultural colleges. Dental Instruction to Vets EDT’s by arrangement.

Dental stands

Availability at county shows, with demos available.